5 Most Interesting Jingle Products To Date

5 Most Interesting Jingle Products To Date

Jingle Form Products That Attract consumers to buy costumers who have been offered goods. This jingle can be used with a very cheerful tone, lyrics that are so short, but it has a stinging effect on the mind of everyone who hears.

For example, there is a form of Jingle Interesting Products from Sari Roti whose lyrics or tone only have a few words such as ‘Sari Roti, Roti Sari Roti’. It becomes one that the jingle does indeed have a very high value, which will be famous until now.

There are 5 jingles that have been made for a long time, but until now the jingle is still good to be heard by the crowd.

5 Jingle Interesting Examples You Can Know

  • Jingle of whole milk nationwide

National Fresh Milk is a domestic dairy product established by CV Cita Nasional. This milk was first produced in 2000 in Semarang. In fact, this milk is marketed using bicycle carts on a round-the-go.

It is characteristic of the national fresh milk.  Which means the jingle that has been made memorable by everyone. Wearing a small toa, fresh milk sellers will generally play jingles with singing lyrics such as ‘Susu Murni Nasional’ complete with music that is so simple and interesting.

  • Jingle Sari Roti

Sari Roti is arguably one of the largest bread production and loved by many people in Indonesia. This bakery company, was first established in 1995 under PT. Nippon Indosari Corpindo.

Starting from fresh bread alone, now it is diverse from Sari Roti has been more and more. Like torn bread, chiffon cake to sandwich bread. While Sari Roti sells their products in supermarkets and other large stalls, but they are very consistent with using the mobile system.

From here sari roti jingle can be terknal until now. Because of this jingle many people who hear so customers already know how the lyrics and the tone of the jingle from Sari Roti for decades.

  • Jingle Tofu Round

Tofu bulat is very exist to be a street food that is loved by everyone. Generally tofu round is peddled in four-wheeled vehicles with an open tub, where buyers can view the entire work of a round tofu fryer.

But the famous tofu round can not be separated from the role of a unique jingle and has a characteristic jingle that can make people laugh. Every seller knows round must be playing a jingle whose lyrics more or less read, “Tofu round. Fried impromptu, five hundred izina.

But many tofu sellers also revise their jingles to their own taste. As in Ciamis, Bekasi, Jakarta round tofu lyrics are added the word ‘hello’. Then in Sukabumi the lyrics of tofu round ended with the word ‘wakwaw’.

  • Jingle Indomie

Indomie arguably has a jingle that almost makes everyone will memorize the lyrics. One of the most popular instant noodles in the world was first produced in 1988.

Then Indomie developed quickly into an instant food product that is popular in Indonesia. To sell its products, Indomie then issued jingles or chants containing diversity in Indonesia.

Here’s the Jingle: From Sabang to Merauke. From Miangas to Rote Island. Indonesia is my homeland, Indomie my taste. Indomie from and share….. Indonesia,” the lyrics of this song that never changed and has been emed as the image of Indomie from year to year.

  • Roving Ice Cream

Many ice cream companies are targeting their products for their children. to make it easier to reach it, some big ice cream companies in Indonesia began deploying mobile sellers to sell their products.

Uniquely, this ice cream company has its own jingle that certainly sticks to the memories of many people until now. Most of these ice cream jingles don’t use lyrics but only use the music.

Amazingly, there are many children who can shoot what brands of ice cream only hear the jingle.

Then How to Make An Interesting Jingle Like Other Jingles

see : Making An Interesting and Delicious Advertising Jingle To Be Heard By Everyone


That’s one of the interesting product advertising jingles, if you want to make jingles like other jingles please consult us experts.

Because, we already have the ability to make jingles products that are interesting as well as good to be heard by many people.

Maybe until here just an explanation from us, hopefully this article will be a benefit for you.

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