There Are Several Dapartment In Making Video Company profile

There Are Several Dapartment In Making Video Company profile

There are several Dapartment In Video Making, Basically the film is not a painting that works alone / individually. Cinema is an existing work of art, combining all elements of roll art, camera structuring art, light structuring, make-up art, visual art, drawing art, management art. Where each person will all hold their own benefits against each division of art that exists. – Dapartment In Making Video

In its application in the film there are several Departments in Video Making, including the production department, artistic department, camera department, sound department, and post-production department.

Various Dapartment In Video Making

Production Department


Responsible for producing one film in its entirety. Lead production management, from start to finish shooting. The producer is responsible for sorting out some of the stories given from thescreenwriter, finding funds, tracking including determining the workforce that will be the supervise  or  lead department in the film later.

Line Producer / Produser Pelaksana

Called the implementing producer because he is the one who designed one produce as a whole, feel from the ceiling budget, timeline, labor, etc. This position is able to be called including his right hand producer, because he never separated from the producer.

Manajer Produksi / Unit Production Manager

The producing manager is tasked with asserting everything that comes into contact with producing (physical things instead of creative) happens well. further confirming all crews in good condition, no damaged equipment available, no tools available coming out of the budget plan, ordering and confirming logistics stop by on time, and so on. And the manager of this production works under the line producer.

Production Accountant

Like the treasurer in the classroom, his job is to record expenses including expenses during production. Accountants produce this always side by side with the line producer.

Location Manager

As the name suggests, the manager of this region is tasked with tracking the area that matches the scenario that must be broken down. It includes the task of taking care of all permits, feel from the cost of rent, police crowd permits, security money thugs so that filming can happen safely including conducive. – Dapartment In Making Video

Production Assistant

In the film division all positions sound “cool” but not the same function. If production Assisten (PA) is commonly referred to as General Assistant (PU). His job is to support the producing team as a whole. Regular helpers include propping up the logistics of consumption and distributing it to the crew.

Department of Directing


The main creative person in charge of processing the film as a whole so it comes from determining the plot & chronological story, select the cast, character development, choose the blocking of the cast, choose the area the story needs, choose the main crew, shot options, camera movements, to music references. And he needs to follow the scenario that has been in the breakdown before.

Assistant Director

My job is to assist the president with planning. It starts with scheduling staff cast, actors, extras (extras), meals, breaks, player/performer assistance, all the way up to scheduling the toolset so that the he advice can be derived from existing scenarios.

Scenario writer

Where he was tasked with bringing the blue-print impact of the film afterwards and developing the features in the story afterwards with the director so that it could be enjoyed by the audience

Script Continuity

He is tasked with photographing each of the available scenes in the film so that the scene is awake for the next scene. It usually holds pocket cameras, but nowadays it usually uses SLR cameras that do not function in production.

Casting Director

Tasked with selecting the cast of characters based on their story interests, he first analyzed the scenario and later provided the necessary character portrayals.

Cast Co-ordinator

his role is too calculated because it is the task to call the cast to take except in the shooting area. The co-ordinator of the cast is tasked with channeling logistics to the cast from the production team. 

Camera Department


Commonly referred to as DOP or Cinematographer of camera stylists. It is responsible for tracking the position of the image, determining the lens, determining the light, determining the colour tone for shooting accordingly alongside the existing scenario.

Camera Operator

As the name implies, he is in charge of operating the camera in accordance with the instructions of the camera stylist (DOP). – Dapartment In Making Video

Camera Assistant (ASCAM)

Commonly referred to as including focus puller. His job was to convince the entire confiscated image to focus. The camera assistant includes the task of assembling and dismantling the camera rigging at the beginning and end of filming.


Tasked with providing additional identity to the image being taken. Where generally clapper is written to be derived from the scene, take, shoot to how much in it.

Gaffer (lighting man)

Master of lighting affairs pokonya lights. With instructions coming from the DOP, the gaffer has the impact of lighting design and lighting layout so that what he wants can be realized.

Best Boy (Lighting)

Assistant gaffer. Rather than gaffers taking more care of lighting techniques, best boys focus more on logistics, such as tool management derived from the lights themselves.

Key Grip

In addition to lights, there is more than one other equipment that is often used in movie locations, on other stirofoam for reflectors, butterflies, dolly tracks, lamp legs, flags, etc. Key grip is the head for these affairs. 

Artistic Department

Artistic Director / Production Designer

Production designer is the visual appearance designer of the film as a whole, so it comes from the color set, props, pattern, clothing color, makeup, etc.

Assistant Artistic Director

Tasked with helping the artistic director in the field to help the artistic director in a concomitant manner.

Costume Stylist

Tasked with designing clothes or choosing costumes that are suitable for the needs of the story and calculated characters. – Dapartment In Making Video

Makeup Artist

The task of applying the player’s makeup matches the needs of the story calculated by the characteristics given in the scenario.


Tasked with applying the player’s hair to fit the needs of the story and calculated characters, pokonya hair affairs he is good at. But not a barberman.

Set Designer

Worked under the command of an artsitic stylist. The task of designing the set matches the advice coming from the artistic.

Set Dresser

Tasked with confirming what items will be placed in the set matches the advice of set designers and artistic stylists. And with the exception of overseas, the division has a private studio for making the dressers the film needs.

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Prop Master

Tasked with recording, searching, and managing the props used in the film. Props are objects in the set that can be moved easily, such as knives, books, mobile phones, food, etc.

Runner / Buyer

He is a necessary position in this department, working under the command of prop master and set designer in charge of buying / renting barag-goods that have been recorded and unless there is a shortage of goods when shooting, he is the fastest.

Sound Department

Production Sound Mixer

Supervise the sound department. He is in charge of monitoring, setting leveling, running mixing, as well as selecting microphones that can be used throughout filming. If on the field mostly he holds a lot of mixer microphone the player so that his voice is appropriate.

Boom Operator / Sound Man

Help the sound mixer to record the tone through the boom using a long stick.

Sound Assistant

Usually in charge of recording sound report tone recording to facilitate the sync process in post-production. – Dapartment In Making Video

Post-Production Department

Post-Production Supervisor

Tasked with helping producers in managing the post-production process, felt it came from arranging schedules to managing the source of human power for the department.


Tasked with selecting images that have been taken over in the filming process. The editing process is carried out together.


In the digital age, colorists are tasked with adjusting colors so that all images taken over have a suitable bearing together with the needs, so on coloring to give additional nuances for the final film (color grading).

Visual Effect Artist

If the film needs additional visual effect, then the visual effect artist is tasked with causing the visual effect to fit together with the needs of the story.

Rotoscope Artist

Usually many unwanted subjects are accidentally recorded in the filming process, let’s call it a cable that crosses the set, or if the crew script is left inside the set. Rotoscope artist is tasked with removing these unwanted objects.

Sound Designer

Once edited by the editor and the image is locked picture lock, the edit can be forwarded to the sound department. Sound designers are tasked with syncing and also adding various other creative elements so that the edited images can speak more. He worked together with editors.

Dialogue Editor

The task is more specific editing the dialogue of course in order to match the speech together with the word word.


Tasked with causing the music (score) to fit together with the needs of the story. Like hans zimmer that’s famous. – Dapartment In Making Video

Foley Artist

In charge of recording foley. Foley is manipulating the impact of additional tones so that the image can speak more, if the tone of the footsteps, the friction of props, and other movements that may not be very audible in the recording during filming. Out of the country there is also this department has its own studio.


That’s the explanation of the duties of a department you don’t know yet. If this content is useful to all of you, please share it or like and comment, Thank you.

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